The Oracles Inc experience provides a number of options for you personally or your organization.

Oracles Inc works closely with the client to deliver a tailor made package leaving your people with a fun and empowering experience. Packages offered are – Speaking and Dream Coaching. For more in-depth details about individual packages please read below;

Dreams make you think differently, think more strategically, and creatively.

The strength of any organization is largely a reflection of the strength of the individuals that make it up, so it naturally follows that by building up the components of individuals you build the whole. Oracles Inc will show you how your people’s dreams are leading them towards strength and completeness.

Glenn and Delwyn bring the night world of dreams alive, demonstrating how you can key your unconscious through dreams bringing solutions to problems, focus to tasks management, breakthroughs and new direction for your business.

Getting your message through in today’s crowded marketplace sometimes requires coming from a different angle.

Many people are interested in their dreams but don’t know where to start with unraveling them.

Oracles Inc have designed various packages to help your team to begin to understand and explore this fascinating and underutilized tool. Dreams do not come in plain speech but they can bring powerful messages both to your conscious and unconscious mind. Oracles use innovative ideas and techniques to utilize these unexplored and undeveloped areas.

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Breakfast Dream Presentation

Glenn and Delwyn come into your business breakfast to present a light and entertaining dream overview presentation.

This presentation is designed to raise the awareness of dreams as a tool for innovation and empowerment for individuals and organizations. This presentation is fun, fascinating, peppered with stories of successful people and companies that have used their dreams with an outstanding outcome.

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Conference Speakers

Glenn and Delwyn Armstrong Oracles IncGlenn and Delwyn are articulate speakers that equip the audience with tangible tools to use.

They come to your event/conference to present a dream overview presentation that is designed to raise the awareness of the power of dreaming, where the audience can directly apply it to their lives. This presentation is fascinating, peppered with stories of successful people and companies that have used their dreams with an outstanding outcome. The audience will discover how dreams are an under-utilized tool that once understood can be a source of inspiration and innovation.Glenn Armstrong Oracles Inc

Presentation is backed by power point.

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One-on-One Dream Coaching Session

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought, “ That dream was amazing, what on earth did that dream mean?” You are not alone if you have.

Dreams are the missed clues to most people’s experience.

Oracles can help people to understand, and then take action on their dreams, to make tangible improvements or innovations to personal and business growth. This one hour session is offered to give the individual a one-on-one dream coaching session and can be on Skype. Expect from this  session that –

  • Dreams that are presented will be interpreted


  • The type of dreamer you are will be identified eg: strategic dreamer,       creative dreamer inspirational dreamer, ideas dreamer etc.. Focus given to dream patterns, understanding provide
  • Significant life dreams identified
  • Identification given to stress related dreams, trigger factors and keys to      better sleep
  • Introduce the, “ Shadow, “ element in your dreams and how to make friends with your Shadow
  • Tips on how to remember dreams and how to dream more
  • Identify what your coach ( dream ) is telling you and look at what response is required or action to take
  • Nightmare dreams dealt with
  • Help to establish personal dream journal and dictionary
  • As part of the session you are given an Oracles Inc  Dream Journal

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Dream Event – Twice a year Oracles Inc runs a Dream Presentation in the Auckland area. These events are focused to business people, invite only. Please email us if this interests you.