What Is Holding You Back?What is holding you back?  (It’s not what you think!)

At the risk of sounding cliched, each one of us can be a genius at something.

That genius is in us and is revealed at a young age, sadly many seem to lose their traits of brilliance as they develop.

Each one of us can claim to be a world authority in one thing – being ourselves.

When I am around my 6 year old son, I am so encouraged. He has a vibrancy and love for life that is infectious. I see genius in him. He already has all the attributes for greatness. Many of these attributes have been identified as traits that the successful have, which have factored into their success. What is holding you back?

What are the ingredients for greatness?

Passion – Passion will give you the currency to become the best you can be. It is not a trial to invest in your passion, it is a delight. Passion will keep you going long after your other drivers have retired for the night.

Self belief  Children are cautious and a little wary of the new, but they have no self doubt. Every child falls over while learning to walk. I have never seen one who then refuses to get up and try again. It’s just not in a child’s thinking to doubt that they can succeed. It is said that you learn more in your first five years than in the rest of your life.  Children are geniuses at learning new things.

Curiosity – Children are naturally curious and are only restrained by their ability to explore and their parents who keep them from harmful experiences. Curiosity is the source of discovery.

Natural net-workers – Have you ever noticed how children are interested in others? They  watch everything to learn from others around them. They make connections easily and are not held back by self consciousness.

Fun– Children love to have fun and retain the motivation of enjoyment to find direction in life. They naturally orientate towards enjoyment. How much better off  would we all be if we just had a bit more fun along the way?

Imagination – One of the greatest thinkers of our time said, “ Imagination is more important than knowledge. ” – Albert Einstein. Children have boundless imaginations, anything is possible for them. Children are highly creative.

Determination – We are all born with copious quantities of will. The desire to live and explore is very strong, and most children even from a very young age display powerful willpower.

You really are designed to succeed and be great. If you are lacking in any of these areas, you can get them back and begin to forge your own path to greatness. So what is holding you back? Get going start today!

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