How to use your dreams to bring much needed solutions
By Delwyn Armstrong
Last week I attended a business women’s  dinner. At the gathering the 85 of us were  able to listen to a political debate with representatives from both the large and small political parties. ( Keep reading, this is not a political message!! ) At first I was ambivalent about attending as i really didn’t want to get a  close up of these people and I didn’t  have much interest in listening to the  answers given. You are probably in the same boat as me and after hearing about all the promises andMadame C J Walker money that is going to be thrown at our issues it does become tiresome.
But I have to say I was pleased i went. It really got me thinking.  It got me thinking that these people so often don’t have the solutions that we need and the courage to just come out and say they don’t know what to do!  But I left with a lot of hope – not in the politicians BUT I  realized  that we are full of solutions and our dreams reveal the solutions to us. 
No matter how often or how little you are dreaming your dreams are providing you with the solutions to help you positively, your household, your community and your nation. If you are thinking that is a very big exaggerated statement then you need to keep reading. You don’t have to be some especially high level gifted person to allow the messages of your dreams to initiate positive change. You just need to be you  –  a person that values your dreams and starts taking action on them.
How to use your dreams to bring much needed solutions
I want to share a story about a lady that was born into poverty in 1867 and had to overcome a lot more than any of us can imagine or understand. A dream enabled Madame C. J. Walker  to move out of  poverty into a success fulled life and she used that success as a platform to then start changing her community and then her nation.
By the age of 6,  Madame Walker was an orphan, she later married at the age of 14 to escape the ill treatment from her brother -in-law and then by  the age of 20 she was a widow, left with a 2 year old daughter. Walker experienced hair loss due to a scalp condition that was common in those times. It was distressing and there was no cure. Then one night Walker had a dream and in the dream she was given the ingredients to make up a potion. When she woke from the dream she set about gathering the ingredients together which did take time to source. But this potion produced such great hairMadame C J Walker growth and healed her scalp that Walker shared it with friends who experienced the same positive results. All this led to her starting her own business which was very innovative and employed up to 3000 people. Walker began to teach and train other black women in women’s independence, budgeting, and grooming in order to help them build their own businesses. She also gave lectures on political, economic and social issues at conventions. Madame Walker became a social activist and financially supported many great causes in her time.
When she died at the age of 51, in 1919, she was considered to be the wealthiest African-American woman in America and she left two-thirds of future net profits of her estate to charity.
Here we have one individual that valued a dream enough to set to work to bring immediate change to her life and went on to bring solutions for her nation. That can be you – using your dreams to bring much needed solutions.
Delwyn Armstrong Oracles Inc
Happy Dreaming!
– Delwyn Armstrong
Delwyn is co-founder of the business Oracles Inc with her husband Glenn.  Together they are modern day pioneers in the area of night dream utilization. Their unique talent is to bring all the differing disciplines of dream interpretation together into an easy to understand and use dream system, designed to open the door to the powerful personal coaching available through dreams. Glenn and Delwyn are bloggers, author,  speakers, interpreters and teachers of dreams.