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“Delwyn and Glenn are a unique partnership. Both are dream analysis specialists and teachers who bring these skills to the business world, to enable businesses to benefit from the missed clues given to us through dreams. When these are analysed they lead to new levels of creativity and breakthrough. These brilliant professional speakers recently spoke to our women’s business network Palaver. Their presentation was very well received with our members expressing keen interest and providing positive feedback to Delwyn and Glenn. Would definitely recommend their skills and professionalism.”
~Louise Boswell Speaker Coordinator
Wow what do all our dreams mean! That’s what Glenn and Delwyn told us all about; from the invention of the sewing machine through to fast cars and strong decision making. I love it, and now all I need is a good dream to remember!
~Louise Holmes – Red Office

Palava Business Network Presentation

” I hadn’t thought about my dreams helping me in my business, but will stay alert to future ones,”
” Who would have thought that your unconscious mind linked your dreams into interpreting creative measures in business,”
” Really enjoyed both speakers, certainly made me think,”
” Will pay much more close attention to dreams next time I remember them,”

After Delwyn interpreted two significant dreams, it has given me more confidence that there is wisdom within me that can be a great resource for me. If you have a powerful dream it deserves an interpretation and the answers could be a pivotal stepping stone in any area of your life. I will certainly take more notice of my dreams in the future and would recommend Delwyn as a practical help who can accurately uncover their meaning and also show you how this information can be applied to the situation.
~Sally Terrain, Executive and Businesswoman

Presentation at Her Business

Your presentation was great, thought you and Glenn had a lovely style…. really informative & fun without being pushy
~Anita Bedwell – Insurance Advisor

“I found it very worthwhile to have someone skilled and unbiased to interpret my dreams.It’s too easy to think you know what the dream must be about and relate it to something that is happening in your life and top of mind.
However, in my experience the dream interpretations by Oracles Inc. have been
far deeper and more meaningful than anything I could come up with. Thanks for the insight!”
~Gaye Asett – Founder and Owner of Equilibrium Interiors
Thank you Oracles Inc for a great experience. I recently discussed a vivid dream with Delwyn and she gave me an inspiring interpretation that completely resonated. She gave both clarity and insight into a key aspect of my life that without her assistance, would have surely missed. It was of huge benefit and most encouraging.I have for many years now been interested in dreams and their hidden subtle messages. I believe the Oracles Inc work is doing a great job of bridging the gap between the conscious and subconscious in a useful practical manner. It’s both unique and fascination work and I would not hesitate in recommending Oracles Inc to anyone interested uncovering ” hidden gems,” about their life through their dreams. Thank you again Delwyn and Oracles Inc and keep up the great work.
~Zac Parish – Business Development Manager
A few years ago I had a dream that was so vivid it was hard to shake off, you know when you wake up and think, ‘Wow, what the hell was that about?’Delwyn at Oracles Inc was able to shed some light on it. Turns out my brain was subconsciously trying to deal with a few family changes that I had been pushing to the back of my mind. It was really interesting to explore that part of my brain and helpful to know what it was all about!
~ Aaron Beard – Account Manager


Reuben The Monster Slayer - for overcoming nightmares

Reuben the Monster Slayer is not only a fantastic story for young and old but also a fantastic resource for parents of children who experience night-time angst. As a mother myself, I can appreciate the emotions and heartache you feel for your children when they are going through periods of unrest; this book lightens the load on shoulders and provides a way out of these nightmares in a warming, loving and creative way.
Glenn has truly provided not only Kiwi parents with a story that’ll touch the hearts of New Zealand kids, but also a global audience – it is universal. A must for all book shelves and a story share amoung friends, cousins and the next generation.
A huge thank you and applause to Glenn, his wife Delwyn and their four boys for breaking through the barrier of bad dreams and sharing their great story of defeat and triumph with the rest of us.” Dee Ellwood – Mother, Teacher, Journalist
I’m so pleased to have found this book, as young children don’t have the capacity to distinguish dreams from reality. Reuben the Monster Slayer is an empowering book that gives adults the ability to talk with kids about scary dreams. Our preschool grandson loves to pull this book out for us to read. It’s a well-crafted story, beautifully and carefully illustrated. This book will help us rewrite happy endings which vanquish whatever scary thing is faced in a dream. “Every home should have this book.” – Phillipa Cook – Successful Business Woman, Mother and Grandma