Sweet Ramblings from my journey-  like biting into pieces of fudge.

By Delwyn Armstrong

Innovators and Entrepreneurs are disrupters! They usually find it hard to sit still and think differently than their peers. Their eyes see opportunities constantly and if their heart is not sparked and on fire they are bored!

I was thinking about you and wanted to give you here some sweet bite size pieces of advice that I have learnt from my journey.  ( I do love Russian Fudge! )

My journey with being an entrepreneur started from a young age with my Dad. He was a successful company man but longed to have his own business. For my dad having to work in a company, it must of been very confining and restricting for him, but he used his creativity and big thinking to push boundaries and ushered in fresh changes into a rather stale company.

My father encouraged me to have my own business and when he died, far too early, when I was only a teenager, his entrepreneurial spirit lived on in me.

Now looking back in hindsight no wonder I hated school and felt trapped and restricted. I was very conscientious and diligent but was extremely bored!

Many moons later the risks that Glenn and I have taken in business and the directions  we have chosen for  our four sons, we are  now most grateful for. We are thankful  especially  for the strength and courage at times to make the various  hard decisions that set us free from the status quo surrounding us.

We didn’t set out to  go against the tide, or be misunderstood but if your heart is sparked there is a passion that rises and you become determined to fight for the opportunity and to see your projects through to  fruition.

It does not surprise us now that we have Home schooled our 4 sons, (although one has just started his first year at school.) They are all entrepreneurial and even as little boys they were interviewed on national radio about their home business!! Two sons are presently developing their own on line businesses.

At times we have been so trapped in a business we have started from scratch that there has been no way out except bankruptcy so we have had to stay our course and guess what?  We are now so thankful that we did not abandon ship!  Don’t quit.

If a business has not worked out it has not been a loss but a positive learning curve and has only instilled in us confidence and courage to keep progressing.

So here are some sweet bite size pieces of advice –

  • Stay your course – look for creative solutions and different ways of doing things if everything has grown stale. Solutions are always there.
  • Keep taking small steps. Progress at times can happen slowly and this can be hugely positive because there is often a lot of learning and training  to happen throughout the journey. Moving slowly means fewer mistakes!
  • Your inner circle of friends is very important. If your friends are not for you it is time for new friends. But in business it is important to have good accountants and solicitors and the right  professional people you need. Your professional people  all need to be  of integrity and don’t allow them to bring doubt into your arena. We use to have an accountant that would ring us up saying, “It is looking grim.” Every correspondence with him was like Henny Penny calling out, “The  sky is falling.”
  • Do not believe the lie that there are no opportunities. When I left school I was told that there were no jobs…..that is a long time ago. I turned down boring office jobs and landed a job that paid extremely well and I ended up being there for  over 8 years.
  • Allow your children to develop in the areas they are passionate about and give them hours to play and play again.   Create an environment with good boundaries and loads of fun.



Delwyn Armstrong Oracles IncHappy Dreaming!
– Delwyn Armstrong
Delwyn is co-founder of the business Oracles Inc with her husband Glenn.  Together they are modern day pioneers in the area of night dream utilization. Their unique talent is to bring all the differing disciplines of dream interpretation together into an easy to understand and use dream system, designed to open the door to the powerful personal coaching available through dreams. Glenn and Delwyn are bloggers, author,  speakers, interpreters and teachers of dreams.