Reuben The Monster Slayer by Glenn Armstrong

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Reuben The Monster Slayer

By Glenn Armstrong

Reuben The Monster Slayer by Glenn Armstrong - Children's Book for Overcoming Nightmares

Dealing with your child’s nightmares just got easier.Reuben The Monster Slayer, written by Glenn Armstrong, is based on real people and real events. A Children’s Book about overcoming nightmares. Great story and beautiful illustrations.

Often books are written explaining how scary dreams may happen but no solutions are provided. This book provides solutions!

Do you have a child who is having nightmares. Maybe your child is afraid of monsters and scary things at night. Nightmares for children are often so REAL.

Reuben The Monster Slayer is about Reuben, a young boy that wakes up constantly due to the scary monsters in his dream. Reuben’s dreams are so terrifying for him that he doesn’t want to go to sleep at night. When Reuben is able to sleep he has nightmares.This is a major problem for his parents. The monsters in Reuben’s dreams are everywhere and constantly chasing him. One night Reuben’s mum gives him advice about what to do the next time the monster’s arrive in his dreams. When Reuben starts using  what his mum teaches  him everything changes in Reuben’s dreams.  The scary dreams disappear and he is able to start enjoying the fun dreams again.

Children often are so scared that they refuse to go to sleep.  This is exhausting for parents.This book was written from our own experience of dealing with our son Reuben’s, nightmares. Reuben The Monster Slayer,is written about real people and real events.

Glenn and Delwyn Armstrong are  Dream Experts  and recognized how to deal with  their son’s terrifying dreams.

This book is a powerful tool that you can read to your children to help empower them with their dreams, yes, even young children!

 Nightmares for children can arise through everyday disappointments such as your child being upset by a friend through to imaginative games,computers and movies. Just normal life stuff.Children respond to stories and this book is a great story and beautifully illustrated.

Getting a good nights sleep for those involved is invaluable!!!

 I’m so pleased to have found this book, as young children don’t have the capacity to distinguish dreams from reality. Reuben The Monster Slayer is an empowering book that gives adults the ability to talk with kids about scary dreams. Our preschool grandson loves to pull this book out for us to read. It’s a well-crafted story, beautifully and carefully illustrated. This book will help us rewrite happy endings which vanquish whatever scary thing is faced in a dream.  “Every home should have this book.” – Phillipa Cook – Successful Business Woman, Mother and Grandma.


Reuben the Monster Slayer is not only a fantastic story for young and old but also a fantastic resource for parents of children who experience night-time angst. As a mother myself, I can appreciate the emotions and heartache you feel for your children when they are going through periods of unrest; this book lightens the load on shoulders and provides a way out of these nightmares in a warming, loving and creative way.
Glenn has truly provided not only Kiwi parents with a story that’ll touch the hearts of New Zealand kids, but also a global audience – it is universal. A must for all book shelves and a story share amoung friends, cousins and the next generation.
A huge thank you and applause to Glenn, his wife Delwyn and their four boys for breaking through the barrier of bad dreams and sharing their great story of defeat and triumph with the rest of us.”
Dee Ellwood – Mother, Teacher, Journalist

Help deal with your children’s nightmares,

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