Helping Little People Overcome Nightmares

Our son Reuben is a dynamic boy that has thrived on imaginative games. He is very creative and dreams have always been abundant to him throughout the night. From the time he was young  we have always encouraged him to tell us his dreams and he sure tells us in great detail!!  We have loved the way Reuben’s dreams often have paralleled his personality.

Reuben turnReuben The Monster Slayer - Overcoming Nightmaresed 14 this week but when he was younger we went through a season of him having very troubling and disturbing dreams.

If you are a parent with young children you can relate to how parenting   can be such a roller coaster ride between the absolute joy of a household full of cute giggles, toys and innocence to the pure exhaustion of the job!

 Reuben’s nightmares were not just a problem for him they were certainly a problem for us as busy parents that desperately craved sleep!

We naively thought that living in a modern educated world full of knowledge we would be able to find  a quick solution to our problem and solve Reuben’s nightmares.

I suppose we had watched too much of the TV series  ‘ 24 ‘ and just believed that quickly we would be rescued from this situation we were now faced with.    🙂 

BUT what we discovered is that many books talk about why nightmares may happen but do not provide solutions.

So we leaned on our experience  and understanding as dream experts and  we developed for Reuben a solution to enable him to be empowered to deal with his dreams. This solution  did not cause all his fun, enjoyable dreams to disappear from his life. We didn’t want his fun dreams to stop just his nightmares!!

Are you  having to deal with nightmares in your household?

We are parents just LIKE YOU ARE. Nightmares for children are often so REAL, as if the dream is really happening and children often are so scared that they refuse to go to sleep.

This is exhausting for all involved.

Scary dreams  for children can arise through everyday disappointments such as your child being upset by a friend through to imaginative games,computers and movies. Just normal life stuff.

In our situation we came up with a solution for our son. Now years later we have published a Children’s Story book that will equip your child on HOW  TO deal with their nightmares.

We have written the book, Reuben The Monster Slayer,  to help your little people in your life overcome their scary dreams.

This book lightens the load on shoulders and provides a way out of these nightmares in a warm, loving and creative way.

Children respond well to stories and Reuben The Monster Slayer is a great story that will very quickly become a favorite bedtime story with its colourful illustrations.

We recommend our children’s book to anyone that has a little person  in their life who is having nightmares or who is afraid of monsters and scary things at night. ( Works for grown ups too.)

Reuben The Monster Slayer  is written from our own experience of dealing with our son Reuben’s, nightmares; written about real people and real events.

This book is a powerful tool that you can read to your children to help empower them with their dreams, yes, even young children!

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Oracles Inc Glenn and Delwyn Armstrong Happy Dreaming! 

Glenn and Delwyn Armstrong

P.S. There is an extra bonus attached to you reading your child this book – you will finally get  a good nights sleep!!  Getting a good nights sleep for those involved is invaluable!!!