Glenn and Delwyn Armstrong are passionate about the business sector and   understand many of the challenges that are faced daily on the front line in the business world.

Their goal is to help people live a  fulfilled life by uncovering hidden treasures that     each person has been uniquely equipped with.

They started taking note of their dreams over 20 years ago and this led them on a quest to find the meanings of their Dreams. Through years of  their own study and research they came to  recognize that there are hidden messages waiting to be interpreted in Dreams and that it’s not all about eating too much pizza, cheese or chocolate! It wasn’t long before family and friends were asking for help with their Dreams. Now years later after interpreting many Dreams in various settings they have enjoyed watching the positive effect one Dream interpreted can have.

Glenn and Delwyn are also  talented teachers and articulate communicators, have spoken internationally and are  members of the National Association of Speakers in New Zealand. They have completed the 7M University Personal Mastery course on Personal Development, which is foundered and run by Dr. Lance Wallanu, who is  one of the top Thought Leaders in the world. They have been coached and personally mentored by Tamara Lowe, one of the top speakers in the world, who started from scratch a $100 million dollar business.

Glenn and Delwyn bring a combination of a unique mix of talents and gifts. Their passion for each person to discover and live their destiny is infectious. They are equipped to tap into people’s lives and unlock the right doors enabling people to move forward. They thrive on using their unique gifts to help others reach their potential whether personally or in business.

They are experienced in not only the corporate world but are passionate entrepreneurs and have established and run various successful businesses in fashion, construction, accommodation and property.

Happily married now for over 25 years they live in Auckland, New Zealand and are the proud parents of 4 sons.