Positively Manage Your Dreams With These 4 Exercises

There seems to be an awakening or greater awareness of the value of dreams in people’s lives But we still find ourselves when  speaking somewhere for a percentage of the audience, ( at the start of our presentation ) to be looking at us a little blank. We have to say that does change by the time our presentation is over!

People that do understand and use their dreams successfully, are genuinely grateful for their dreams.

BUT dreams to some people are like being overloaded with too much mail!!

Most people have around 5 – 12  dreams per night of which they may recall 1 or 2 of those dreams.

BUT there are a percentage of people  that are regularly having 10 -15  re callable dreams each night. We do get contacted  by people that are seeking help on  how they can  change the channels to a more manageable one when they are asleep!!! These people understandably  want their dreams to stop. Unfortunately they report to us a constant feeling  of tiredness. Tired because even when asleep they feel like they are awake and dealing with the days problems and often are unable to differentiate between waking and sleeping experiences.  “ Did I dream that or did it happen when I was awake?” So who can blame these people  wanting what appears like a curse to  stop!!

So here are some tools for help with managing your dreams especially for those  who,  ‘ suffer ‘ from this dilemma.

Positively Manage Your Dreams With These 4 Exercises

  • Learn to switch off- Your brain will keep processing your unresolved issues from each day. Your dreams will be working  on what you are focused on during the day. Learning to switch off will give you less baggage to deal with through your dreams and hence less dreams. It is just the same as a sign on your letter box stating, ‘ Please, no junk mail.’
  • Journal – writing down your day can relieve the load that you are mentally carrying or trying to remember and helps relieve stress.
  • Deal with the things your dreams are high lighting. Do not procrastinate over addressing situations that you are facing. Get into the habit of dealing with things quickly.
  • Dreams will keep referring back to unresolved issues or unattended information. By facing what your dreams are telling you and dealing with these things, the dreams will stop. Repetitive dreams and dream themes stop when faced.
  • Traumas and unresolved pain will keep coming back to you via your dreams. Seek professional help especially from someone who understands dreams. If your first attempt at this does not work – do not give up. There will be the right person that can help you. Seek them out. This will help you to move on and get free of the things that have you stuck. Dreams are trying to help you move forward and grow by highlighting the roadblocks you face. They will also provide solutions for you -you have to be listening!

There can be sleep and dream developmental issues that need to be directly addressed to overcome night sleep deprivation that can involve too much dreaming and sleepwalking, cognitive confusions, etc. This is more specialized and needs an experienced dream professional to help you work through to freedom from plaguing dream problems and the sleep issues that come from this.

Dreams are not a disease and there is good news – you can be free to enjoy  your nights!

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Happy Dreaming!

Glenn Armstrong