Those that know don’t have the words to tell and the ones with the words don’t know it too well”-  Bruce Coburn.

Dreams are mysteries that may come to us each night.  Mysteries of the night. Dreams often contain profound truths or subtle clues as to the best paths for us to take through life.

A life well lived is truly a mystery and will require of us dedication to endure the process of unfolding it.

The words in Bruce Coburn’s song sums up for us the idea of encountering experiences that we don’t have the language to fully communicate. This is commonly thought of as encountering mystery and is the heart of all religions and science. Yes, scientists are constantly encountering things they cannot explain. Black holes for instance, defy all the known laws of physics yet are a well established phenomenon now, even though they were considered on par with unicorns just 30 years ago.

To grow up before we grow old we must delve deeper into knowledge and wisdom. We must grapple with ideas and concepts that are precisely that – conceptual. Vaguely perceived, an inkling, a glimpse that comes in seed form and must be carefully unfolded. Or at the other end of the spectrum we can be suddenly confronted by knowledge that is too much to take in, that we are overwhelmed by and struggle to engage with in a comprehensive fashion. This is the nature of progress it just does not come in bite size portions, it is user unfriendly. The unpacking of these discoveries is the important skill we must master to bring them into a usable and accessible form. Discoveries must be transformed from mysteries or monsters into our friends.

Those on the leading edge of discovery are true pioneers and like all pioneers they must possess uncommon skills to survive and prosper at the edges of discovery.

So just how do we come about the skills necessary to be discoverers and pioneers?

Well there is the scientific process which is proven and robust if applied in an honest fashion and there are teachings in mystery available through all religious systems. Which need the smarm approach- honesty and commitment. But there is one system that will teach us these skills that is universally available but largely overlooked.

Dreams. These mysteries of the night. Full of truth and clues truths or subtle clues as to the best paths for us to take through life.  A life well lived is truly beautiful and often the subject of admiration through literature and fable.

This life is obtainable for any with a will to search.

There is no doubt to me that your dreams are assisting you in this quest and that the process of discovering the meaning of your dreams will teach you how to approach the unknown with certitude that you can unfold the treasures found there. Dreams are mysteries but like all mystery, contained therein is great knowledge and wisdom for life. Take the time to dig deeper with your mysteries of the night  and you will be well rewarded.

– Start Today,

Glenn Armstrong


Glenn Armstrong is co-founder of the business Oracles Inc with his wife Delwyn. Together they are modern day pioneers in the area of night dream utilization. Their unique talent is to bring all the differing disciplines of dream interpretation together into an easy to understand and use dream system, designed to open the door to the powerful personal coaching available through dreams. Glenn and Delwyn are bloggers, author,  speakers, interpreters and teachers of dreams. Like what you have read – Learn more at