Move Forward, See your future now!


Move Forward, See your future now!

Let me make my first futurist prediction – Now is the time of the futurists.

 A Futurist is someone who is dedicated to predicting trends and changes in our society before they become obvious to everyone else. These trends are important because they allow us to benefit from change.

 You can benefit from futurist intelligence!

Futurist  predictions are important to you if the industry you are working  in is about to go into a season of decline. An example of this could be the publishing industry. The publishing industry has undergone some radical changes over the past 2 years. Self publishing , E books and Kindle readers have totally changed how books are produced. The publishing houses are disappearing and many industry jobs have been lost.

If you worked in publishing would it have been helpful for you to have known about this radical realignment long before it hit? The answer is of course- YES.

A good futurist would have informed you of this change long before it became a reality.

Predict the trends -secure your future

A change to market conditions often comes as a bell curve, a rapid rise followed by a topping out and then a season of rapid decline. If you are at the front edge of that bell curve you will be blessed with a rapidly growing market and some years or even decades of good sales. The dangerous place to be is at the back end of the bell curve, just prior to the steep decline of your market conditions. If you buy into an industry at this point, you are in for a very rough ride and can pretty well kiss your investment good bye. Even those who are well established in these declining industries will struggle to survive in a diminishing market.

Knowing of coming change before it takes hold means you can adjust to the conditions to either minimise the losses or benefit from the change.

An example of how quickly things can change today is Face book. Face book was established in 2004 and is now a massive company with high market reach and earnings.

The world is rapidly changing and being aware of upcoming changes has never been as important as it is now.

In my life time the population of the earth has gone from 3 billion to 7 billion. The world’s population hit 1 billion in 1830, less than 200 years ago.

We live in a time of rapid and unprecedented changes.

Now is the time for the futurists to rise up and help individuals and businesses adapt and take advantage of our ever moving landscape.

Change equals opportunity.

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– Glenn Armstrong