I’m having the same Dream again and again. Am I going crazy or what??

Do re occurring dreams really mean you are losing your mind?!!

It certainly is what many believe when they are having recurring dreams and also it is what people seeking help with these types of dreams are often being told.

We want to bring clarity to these dreams that you are experiencing. Firstly you are not going crazy!! You are not losing your mind.  Believe it or not a re occurring dream once understood can bring you  much needed peace into your life. We love helping our clients in our Dream Coaching sessions with re occurring dreams as there is regularly a breakthrough message for the person once the dream is correctly interpreted.

 It won’t stop until it has your attention!

 The famous author Herge was plagued by what seemed like  reoccurring  nightmares. Herge was chased by a white skeleton whereupon the entire environment turned white. A psychiatrist advised him to stop making comics and take a rest, but Herge didn’t stop and instead drew an entire album of pictures.  The album was set in a white environment :the snowy mountaintops of Tibet. This was 1960. Tintin in Tibet not only stopped Herges nightmares but it also worked as a therapeutic experience. This particular book by Herge is also regarded as one of his masterpieces.

Here is a  simple tip for you to use next time you have a recurring dream.

Step One – Have a look at what is going on in your life. Ask yourself, ‘What has triggered this type of dream?’  Find out why you are having this dream again and again.

Step Two – When did you start having this dream? One day we were  interpreting a clients recurring dream and when we dug deeper with the person we discovered that the person had been experiencing the same dream since 8 years old!! Now this is not always the case and your dream may be more recent and possibly the dream  just started in the last 3 months/ but it is worthwhile thinking as far back as possible as to when the dream surfaced in your life.

Step Three – When you understand the true  meaning of your dream you may need to take some further action in your life. It may be necessary to address something in your life or deal with a situation or fear etc… Don’t shy away from this important step. Move forward by taking action using what you then know. It will be surprisingly transforming for you and  the dream will STOP.

Delwyn Armstrong is co-founderOracles Inc Delwyn Armstrong of the business Oracles Inc with her husband Glenn.  Together they are modern day pioneers in the area of night dream utilization. Their unique talent is to bring all the differing disciplines of dream interpretation together into an easy to understand and use dream system, designed to open the door to the powerful personal coaching available through dreams. Glenn and Delwyn are bloggers, author,  speakers, interpreters and teachers of dreams.