Dreams are Your Playground

By Delwyn Armstrong


Our six year old son woke up this morning excited to share his latest dream. In his dream he was a Super Hero equipped with super powers. These super powers enabled our son to do anything he wanted! When he excitedly told his dream to me I actually felt jealous,   ( in a good way )!

DreamDreams Are Your Playgrounds can be a playground for you too.

Maybe you are one of those people that listen to other people’s dreams and secretly you want that dream; secretly you are amazed at how much your friend dreams and even manages to remember her dream!!

 After listening to and interpreting many, many dreams for other people I have come to the conclusion that dreams are an amazing playground where we are given permission to play and experiment with the new and fresh!

Are you looking for a wave of innovation?

We personally have spoken to engineers that have come up with solutions in their dreams for work projects,  entrepreneurs that have invented products that led to global businesses, all from their dreams. A mum shared her dream experience that made her alerted to a life threatening health condition of her teenage son. Another mother told us how a dream made her aware of how her  son was in danger on an over night University field trip due to a change in weather. A professional speaker we met  was able to illustrate to his clients a new way of implementing work place structures due to seeing the solution in a dream.

Is this the grown ups playground you are looking for? 

Don’t leave dreaming to children. It is surprising how few people remember their dreams! Dreams in people are coming alive everywhere. We have been interviewed in depth on TV, have written articles in magazines from Parenting magazines through to Business magazines. It is time to lift the lid on dreams!!!

Due to being professional speakers on the subject of Dreams we often are asked, ” But what if I don’t Dream?”  Our answer to this is to explain that This may come across as very basic but it will prepare you for remembering your dreams. So to get you started – when your head hits the pillow at night;

  • Expect to dream
  • Go to bed with the intention of dreaming
  • Be ready to dream


Dreaming leads to a bigger world for you.

Now you may think dreaming is a noisy interruption  and you just want to sleep  throughout the night and have some peace and quiet but let’s get rid of the victim mentality and start living abundantly as you sleep. 

Making the jump and entering the new worlds that await is like upgrading your role in life from passenger to pilot. – Timothy Ferriss

Adults are required to live in a world and mistakes can be costly and not forgiven. But the world of dreaming allows you to dip your feet in and experiment in a non-judgmental arena without any damage happening. Dreaming is  truly a grown ups playground.


Delwyn Armstrong Oracles IncDon’t ignore your dreams, get them working for you. We have developed a unique Dream Coaching session with you in mind; the intuitive, investigative person that wants to live life to the full. In this one hour session we will interpret up to 3 dreams for you. That’s not all;we can then help you take action on the beneficial solutions that your dreams are speaking to you about. It is invaluable to know the personal meanings to your unique dreams. Let’s get started – book your session today.

Happy Dreaming!

– Delwyn Armstrong