Oracles Inc Offer A One-On-One Dream Coaching Session.

Oracles Inc Offer A One-On-One Dream Coaching Session.

Oracles give meaning to people’s dreams pulling out the tangible messages that dreams provide.

This is a one hour session with both Glenn and Delwyn via Skype, phone or in their Auckland office.Dream Coaching Session

Glenn and Delwyn are experienced in helping  people take action on their dreams, to make tangible improvements,and achieve personal or business growth.

It would be very easy for them to flick you off a standard meaning to your dream but for Glenn and Delwyn  it is important to put everything in context for the person which often involves  asking questions backwards and forwards. So they don’t interpret dreams casually. The best results come working one on one with you on your dreams. It gives the best results to the person. Clients come to them for many different reasons and people receive great results from them.


  • Dreams that are presented will be interpreted
  • Bizarre and weird dreams will be demystified
  • Nightmare dreams dealt with; over come nightmares
  • Identification given to stress related dreams, trigger factors and keys to  better sleep
  • Tips provided on how to remember dreams and how to dream more
  • Identification given to areas that your dreams are focusing on for you
  • Recurring dreams? What they mean for you
  • Dreams decoded that are defining your future and unlocking your potential
  • Glenn and Delwyn can strategize with you on how to move forward or determine any action that may be  required as a direct result of the meaning from your dreams interpreted

Listen to these stories!

After Delwyn interpreted two significant dreams, it has given me more confidence that there is wisdom within me that can be a great resource for me. If you have a powerful dream it deserves an interpretation and the answers could be a pivotal stepping stone in any area of your life. I will certainly take more notice of my dreams in the future and would recommend Delwyn as a practical help who can accurately uncover their meaning and also show you how this information can be applied to the situation.
~Sally Terrain, Executive and Businesswoman

Thank you Oracles Inc for a great experience. I recently discussed with them a vivid dream  and was given an inspiring interpretation that completely resonated. I was given both clarity and insight into a key aspect of my life that without their assistance, would have surely missed. It was of huge benefit and most encouraging.
I have for many years now been interested in dreams and their hidden subtle messages. I believe the Oracles Inc work is doing a great job of bridging the gap between the conscious and subconscious in a useful practical manner. It’s both unique and fascination work and I would not hesitate in recommending Oracles Inc to anyone interested uncovering ” hidden gems,” about their life through their dreams. Thank you again  Oracles Inc and keep up the great work.
~Zac Parish – Business Development Manager

“I found it very worthwhile to have someone skilled and unbiased to interpret my dreams.It’s too easy to think you know what the dream must be about and relate it to something that is happening in your life and top of mind.
However, in my experience the dream interpretations by Oracles Inc. have been
far deeper and more meaningful than anything I could come up with. Thanks for the insight!”
~Gaye Asett – Founder and Owner of Equilibrium Interiors


 Dream Coaching

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To book your Dream Coaching session with Glenn and Delwyn payment is required first. You will be emailed to arrange the date and time for your one hour Dream Coaching session.