A big tip you are missing……

I really want to pass this big tip  on to you that you may be missing.  You most likely will already know this but it’s always good to be reminded of the good stuff in life. Too often we forget the good stuff in the rush of daily life.

We have four sons and as a parent (  like all parents ),   sometimes our journey with our sons has been different than others as I’m sure your journey has been. So we read books, scan the internet, pray, go to seminars, listen to speakers, pray some more, read blogs, always hoping to  glean the wisdom of others as they raise their children. We thrive on hearing of other people’s successful experiences and we appreciate big tips. We investigate and dig deep hoping to find someone else that is walking the same path as us or coming up with a better way to do something. It saves a lot of heartache if you find someone that has done all the hard work first.

When we came home from the hospital with our first son we had absolutely no idea how to change his cloth nappies….how far we have come!!  😀

Information from others has helped us hugely in raising our sons, from our early days homeschooling with our sons,  our adventures,then moving on to things like doing up our son’s car with him , or helping them grow their entrepreneur ideas.

BUT because everyones ride is UNIQUE someone elses wisdom may not fit the stage we are at with our children. There was no manual for us to use when our son experienced on going nightmares and we were the ones that needed to come  up with a solution that worked for him. Find out more about dealing with children’s nightmares here. 

Every couple of years we watch the Raetihi Rodeo. If you have never watched a Rodeo live, well my first experience was frightening, and that was only just watching the event. I could not understand how anyone could muster up the courage to place themselves onto a wild beast and then actually stay on long enough to not be disqualified. It appears crazy.

So to the uneducated like myself as far as Rodeos go it seems a wild madness to put your body on an animal that is not appreciative of you in anyway and will kill you if it can.

But as I watched the events of the day i learnt a Big Tip that I have now used constantly with our boys.

The Rodeo community encourage the children from a very small age to participate.  Children as young as two years old  are placed on top of a quiet calf or pony and dressed up in their cowboy and cowgirl outfits. They  are then walked around the arena in front of the spectators. This keeps happening throughout their younger years until they are ready to ride for real. What this does is it makes it normal to the children. When I saw this it became an illustration to me of how if we encourage our children to move into things at a young age they won’t fear the different, the wild, the adventurous. I could immediately relate it to the areas like dreams.What I learnt is things like dreams were always intended to  be considered normal in our lives. Dreams were not meant to be considered weird and wacky. Things that may scare others or seem irrational don’t make them wrong or should be discounted just because we have not encountered it before. Making situations normal enables children to become adults that think outside the box, are capable and full of initiative, solution bringers and innovative in the way they express their creative juices.

Delwyn Armstrong Oracles IncThat first day watching the Rodeo was  a revelation to me.

It was like a Big Tip to me on how to move forward raising our children and that revelation  enabled me to develope a bit of a wild crazy environment for us to grow our family in.

I wanted to pass that Big tip onto you too.

Happy Crazy Days to you too,

– Delwyn

Delwyn is co-founder of the business Oracles Inc with her husband Glenn.  Together they are modern day pioneers in the area of night dream utilization. Their unique talent is to bring all the differing disciplines of dream interpretation together into an easy to understand and use dream system, designed to open the door to the powerful personal coaching available through dreams. Glenn and Delwyn are bloggers, author,  speakers, interpreters and teachers of dreams.