Believe in Something More and Be More


Making it  it is something we all want at some level. Each one of us defines it differently and what,  “Making it,” means  also changes as we age. Somewhere deep inside us is this itch that just has to be scratched. This itch could be called the need for significance, or the desire to leave a mark –  “Making it.”

Believe in something more and be more.How to scratch this itch is the question many of us want an answer to.

Here are some tips to help you on your way.

TIP# 1

You can’t be good at everything and must settle on an area that you can be great at; this is easier said than done. To do this you must eliminate the many competing ideas for building your success.  Do this by giving these things some attention and spending some time trying them out at a most basic level, if you find that one of the things you try is so engrossing and fires you up each time you go there then- EUREKA ,you have found it. Trial and error will get you there if nothing else does.


HOPE- once you have found your thing, you are just beginning your journey. Everything that can side track you, will now try to distract you from this path. Let’s face it procrastination is one of the things that most of us are very good at. Procrastination is practically an industry now.  It is the single biggest obstacle to your future success. Your first area of success must be in defeating loss of hope and vision.


Breaking and building.

Many around you will not have the same passion to succeed as you now have. This would be OK but this manifests itself in them trying to keep everyone around them in the same state of comfortable procrastination that they exist in. This type of thinking is leprosy to those who are finding their life calling .You must identify and isolate this type of thinking at the very least. You may need to separate from these people. You will benefit greatly by finding people on the same journey as yourself. NO ONE makes it alone, that’s not how the world works. You will need their energy and they will need yours. Break negative relationships and build beneficial ones.

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