Author: Glenn Armstrong

Mysteries Of The Night

Those that know don’t have the words to tell and the ones with the words don’t know it too well”-  Bruce Coburn. Dreams are mysteries that may come to us each night.  Mysteries of the night. Dreams often contain profound truths or subtle clues as to the best paths for us to take through life. A life well lived is truly a mystery and will require of us dedication to endure the process of unfolding it. The words in Bruce Coburn’s song sums up for us the idea of encountering experiences that we don’t have the language to fully communicate....

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution  Dreams help you with conflict resolution. Dreams are a nightly drama designed to teach us better responses to complicated interactions and unusual situations. There is increasing understanding of how the brain works and which parts are doing what. We function in the most amazing ways! There are parts of our brain that analyse our decision making and our general performance. It’s kind of like we are looking over our own shoulder. This makes sense to us. If we didn’t function like this we couldn’t get better at anything. We wouldn’t benefit from our experience. Learning would be difficult...

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Recognition Is An Art

Recognition Is An Art Have you ever been into a store only to be completely ignored by the staff, even when it is obvious that you desire to be served? It’s surprising how often this happens. We had this happen at a high end clothing store recently. It appears that recognition is an art and a skill to be learned. It can be demoralizing to be ignored. If you are having a bad day you may be in a vulnerable state of mind and take the terrible service more personally than you should. You might have one of those,...

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Believe in Something More and Be More

Believe in Something More and Be More   Making it – it is something we all want at some level. Each one of us defines it differently and what,  “Making it,” means  also changes as we age. Somewhere deep inside us is this itch that just has to be scratched. This itch could be called the need for significance, or the desire to leave a mark –  “Making it.” Believe in something more and be more.How to scratch this itch is the question many of us want an answer to. Here are some tips to help you on your way....

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Move Forward, See Your Future Now!

  Move Forward, See your future now! Let me make my first futurist prediction – Now is the time of the futurists.  A Futurist is someone who is dedicated to predicting trends and changes in our society before they become obvious to everyone else. These trends are important because they allow us to benefit from change.  You can benefit from futurist intelligence! Futurist  predictions are important to you if the industry you are working  in is about to go into a season of decline. An example of this could be the publishing industry. The publishing industry has undergone some...

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