Conflict Resolution 

Dreams help you with conflict resolution. Dreams are a nightly drama designed to teach us better responses to complicated interactions and unusual situations.

There is increasing understanding of how the brain works and which parts are doing what.

We function in the most amazing ways!

There are parts of our brain that analyse our decision making and our general performance. It’s kind of like we are looking over our own shoulder. This makes sense to us. If we didn’t function like this we couldn’t get better at anything. We wouldn’t benefit from our experience. Learning would be difficult if not impossible.

These parts of our brain also detect errors we may have made along the way. Not the obvious errors. But the subtle things that aren’t so obvious in the heat of the moment. So naturally it follows that if we are watching and monitoring our decisions and responses that there must be a feedback mechanism to identify and correct these living issues.

Well funnily enough it happens that dreams are a primary source of feedback and self correction.

One of the functions of dreams is the re-enacting of our responses and decisions. When we dream we are dramatizing our interactions and monitoring whether we have responded appropriately. In these dreams you can focus on conflict and how to come to a resolution of this conflict. We are getting the tiny measures and small things that we miss at a conscious level fed back in a story form in our dream. Dreams are a nightly drama designed to teach us better responses to complicated interactions and unusual situations.

Dreams give you solutions that you can use in future conflict situations.

If you are having a recurring dream it probably means that you are trying to work through an event or an area from your past that is still affecting how you act now. This is the analyzing feedback mechanism at work.

Understanding the dream and enacting an appropriate response will result in the dream stopping and in you being better equipped to handle similar situations in the future.

Dream and LIVE.

Glenn Armstrong Oracles Inc

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