Recognition Is An Art

Have you ever been into a store only to be completely ignored by the staff, even when it is obvious that you desire to be served? It’s surprising how often this happens. We had this happen at a high end clothing store recently. It appears that recognition is an art and a skill to be learned.

It can be demoralizing to be ignored.Recognition Is An Art

If you are having a bad day you may be in a vulnerable state of mind and take the terrible service more personally than you should. You might have one of those, “This is my life,” type of moments. Of course this is a silly and a self destructive way to interpret these incidents. It is far better to recognize that the sales person is having a bad day too and possibly should be in a non people contact role. It most certainly is a failure of the business involved.

Recognition a key to success

The Art of Recognition is a key to success. It is an important skill to make a point of acknowledging people. The Art of going out of your way to say hello and ask after others, is the most basic level of contact but is vital to building relationship. It is the basis of all of life’s many transactions.

Everybody needs to be recognized and encouraged.

The Waiodani People are a Chilean primitive tribe. They have a saying which goes something like this, “I see you very well. “ This tribe often begin speaking by using this acknowledgement. It is saying that what I am thinking and my actions that follow are done with an acknowledgement of you.

To fail to acknowledge your customers is a first line failure and reveals an underlying culture or more precisely a lack of culture that will ultimately lead to failure. All business success is customer focused. I m not saying the customer is always right because this is not true.

 A customer coming to you is an acknowledgement of your ability to help them in some area.

The point of all these greetings is to acknowledge the other person’s right to exist and their intrinsic value is being acknowledged .This may seem obvious but it has been one of the big movers of our generation. The growth of corporations and even the changes in governments  has left many people feeling lost and disconnected. They feel unimportant and disenfranchised from the very processes that they are paying for or that are meant to represent them.

People feel ignored by the very people who are meant to be helping them.

Many have acknowledged this problem and instituted policies to give their customers the most basic of respects – ‘I recognise you.”

If you are building something, the first key to your success is – respect your customers, go out of your way to show recognition.

Make this part of all you do.

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